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Why Aspire?

How does a college make a difference?

All the usual answers leap to mind, but what Aspire does most of all is that it builds a love for learning in the students that lasts long time even after the student has left the college yards.

The college offers academic excellence, Positive social values, creative freedom & self-discovery that equips every student with necessary skill sets to take his place anywhere in the world. What makes that possible is our scholars from the renowned university of Madina, having imbibed the Islamic values & the necessary knowledge that urge the students to question the false beliefs / theories, challenge them, validate hypothesis & employ analytical reasoning.


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A Community college which provides an education which is informed by the best current practice through continuous professional development is holistic, encompassing a range of inter connected disciplines including Aqeedah, Fiqh, Language of the Quran, Recitation, Duas, Dawah, Social Work & English Language is committed to academic excellence.

Through the curriculum the students are exposed to an array of interesting topics, challenging assignments, meticulous practices & just pure fun. Trips, public speaking, personality development, community service projects, are all blended into the curriculum widening the perspective of students.

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Upcoming Events

While Aspire’s focus is naturally on academics, to ensure a holistic education we also sponsor a wide range of extra curricular competitions and events.

What our Students Say

Aspire has given me confidence over my religion, Alhamdulillah! The syllabus here is simplified and interesting.

Nafisa Khanam

The best place where you can gain knowledge and tarbiyyah with authentic scholars is Aspire college. Personally, I really appreciate how my Arabic teachers have always been supportive and helped me improve my grasp of the language.

Hafeel Ahmed

I joined this course to learn about islam but not only did I learn about Allah’s deen but I also learnt how to lead a life in dunya, Alhamdulillah!

Aafila Fathima

Alhamdulillah, Aspire possesses authentic scholars with sound aqeedah and good knowledge in all fundamentals (Usool). The college provides good facilities for students and are supporting in all situations.

Abdul Nazir

After wandering aimlessly in life, ‘ASPIRE’ was my solution… studying under well-versed scholars, my dream came true, Alhamdulillah!
The authenticity, the perfection, organized syllabus, all under one roof!

Nada Altaf

Knowledge and Tarbiyyah go hand in hand and at Aspire college of Excellence I found a blend like no other. Scholars who have graduated from renowned Islamic Universities in Makkah, Madinah and India ensure that only authentic Islamic knowledge is imparted. Students are also trained in an environment that teaches them to implement what they have learnt and thus benefit themselves and the society at large.

Muhammad Yusuf Serang