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Bachelors in Islamic Studies

BAIS, is a close – knit graduate program of Islamic studies which provides authentic Islamic education, a dedication to affordability, ground breaking opportunities with committed scholars and resources to fulfill academic and personal potential. It is one of a kind institution which offer a Bachelors and Masters degree in Islamic studies with English as the medium of instruction.

This program is intended to give students a solid grounding in Modern Standard and classical Arabic, familiarity with the core textual tradition of Islam, a broad knowledge of Islamic history and insight into the methodology of religious studies.

The syllabus is based on the bachelor’s degree program in Usool ud-Deen (Religious Foundations) of Madeenah University, Saudi Arabia, Omdurman Islamic University, Sudan, Al-Azhar University, Egypt and other similar reputable Islamic institutions.

Studying with the Aspire College of Excellence is affordable, and manageable. We are an institute that seeks its reward from Allah.


First Year

  • Arabic part 1
  • English,
  • Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh of Tahaara, Salaah, Funeral, Zakaat, Fasting, Hajj and Umrah)
  • Islamic Doctrine (Aqeedah)
  • Biography of the Prophet
  • Tajweed (Recitation of Quran with proper articulation) ,
  • History of Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh at the time of Prophet and Sahaabah, History of Madhab Hanafi, MadhabShaafi, Madhab Maaliki, Madhab Hanbali)
  • Second Year

  • Arabic part 2
  • Psychology
  • Prophetic Traditions (Hadeeth),
  • Muslim Personal Law
  • System of inheritance in Islam
  • Quranic Exegesis (Tafseer)
  • Third Year

  • Arabic Part 3
  • Six books of Prophetic Tradition (Kutub us Sittah)
  • Business Ethics
  • Islamic Communication (Da’wah)
  • Islamic and Indian Muslim History
  • Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence (Usool Ul Fiqh)
  • Islamic Philosophy